The Perfect Madeira Holiday Rental

Comfort & Relaxation

Villa Babel offers the perfect Madeira holiday rental experience. Uncover unforgettable adventures in close proximity to Villa Babel, your ultimate sanctuary for an extraordinary vacation in Madeira Island. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture while discovering the top attractions and activities in the area. Indulge in the awe-inspiring views of the Atlantic Ocean from the exclusive Garajau resort.

Spend sun-kissed days on the pristine waters of Reis Magos Beach and Garajau Beach, just a stone’s throw away. Indulge in the privacy and tranquility of Villa Babel, boasting a large private pool, sun-drenched terraces, and balconies offering panoramic vistas. With ample living spaces, al-fresco dining options, and a fully equipped kitchen perfect for self-catering getaways, this magnificent holiday villa rental ensures an unparalleled escape. Unleash your sense of adventure and create perfect memories to last a lifetime at Villa Babel in Madeira Island.

Private villa in Madeira for holiday rentals. Villa Babel: Find the Perfect Madeira Holiday Rental

Explore our breathtaking location and discover everything you need at Villa Babel.

Enchanting Natural Landscapes & Historical Attractions

Depart from Villa Babel and explore the verdant oasis in the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira’s diminutive size belies the exquisite beauty of this island.  Plan your holiday itinerary with the help of Madeira-Web detailed guide to discover wonderful attractions from Funchal’s stunning jacaranda-lined avenues to the daring cliffs of Cabo Girão.

The more adventurous can explore the island.Villa Babel: Find the Perfect Madeira Holiday Rental
Discover the magnificent attractions of Madeira. Villa Babel: Find the Perfect Madeira Holiday Rental


What Our Customers Say

Based on 18 reviews
This was a beautiful place. There were 12 of us and we were all very comfortable. The owner and his wife were very accommodating and very helpful. Would definitely recommend this place. Be prepared for steep streets, but cabs are very reasonable .
Alyson Norman
Alyson Norman
Our family stayed at this amazing villa in August and had a truly wonderful time. Manuel and his wife are incredibly helpful, even taking us shopping on a couple of occasions. I would highly recommend this villa to any large groups looking for a relaxed time in Madeira.
Ger Kemper
Ger Kemper
Nice place !
Lilly Np
Lilly Np
Maria Aslan
Maria Aslan
I have to say that this is an amazing place to visit, the views are just breath taking. The hosts are so welcoming and professional. The house is very tastefully decorated. Please do not hesitate to mark your visit...
Excelente lugar para fazer férias em família ou com amigos


Popular Attractions

Villa Babel: Find the Perfect Madeira Holiday Rental

Flower Festival

Don’t miss this great tourist attraction. The famous writer’s house will fascinate literature enthusiasts and history aficionados

Villa Babel: Find the Perfect Madeira Holiday Rental

Local Food & Cuisine

Food in Madeira is amazing, diverse and delicious, we can easily put it among the best Madeira tourist attractions. When traveling around the island be sure to taste the traditional and local cuisines

Immerse yourself in the rich history and charm of the island. Villa Babel: Find the Perfect Madeira Holiday Rental

Historical & Cultural Attractions

Embark on an interactive journey through Madeira’s past at the Story Centre or simply wander the streets of the capital to encounter charming historical areas and picturesque squares

Discover unforgettable adventures near Villa Babel: Find the Perfect Madeira Holiday Rental

Enchanting Natural Landscapes

Madeira’s abundance of protected reserves are a true wonder for nature lovers. Myriad walking trails through rare Laurissilva forests reward hikers with breathtaking mountain views, while scuba divers can explore the crystal clear waters of Garajau Natural Reserve

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